Daughn Gibson – “Kissin On The Blacktop” Video

In his typically ace Album Of The Week piece on the new Daughn Gibson LP Me Moan, our Tom B. says “Kissin On The Blacktop” is “a rockabilly ramble taken apart and reassembled in a gleaming-white laboratory, like what Dirty Beaches might sound like if that guy was actually interested in convincing large numbers of people to enjoy his music.” (He issues that on-point-alism after a detour in which David Lynch and Chris Isaak’s unlikely yet fruitful ’90s partnership is analyzed, and concluded with Daughn, “who comes off like early-โ€™90s Lynch and Isaak combined into one person, except beamed into 2013, given time to acclimate, and with a voice pitched-down a few octaves…” If you haven’t checked into Me Moan you are know equipped with ample reason, and starting with “Kissin On The Blacktop”‘s official video is a deeply illustrative one. It’s perfectly cast, where every extra and actor looks exactly like its pristine, trash-bar guitar riff sounds, in all its essential curves, cruddy cracks, and chest sweat. (but in a state of almost clinically heightened reality.) (This includes Daughn.) Watch:

Me Moan is out now via Sub Pop.