Kanye’s A.P.C. Line Includes A $120 Plain White T-Shirt

Clothing line A.P.C. released their collaborative collection with Kanye West over the weekend and, if you’re familiar with both, the minimalist pieces (jeans, hoodies, and plain t-shirts) are hardly a shock. But this also means that the two short-sleeve tees, called the Hip-Hop T-Shirt, come with A.P.C. price tags and plain white and black ones are going for $120. To hypebeasts this probably seems like pithy price tag, but to fans that are not necessarily interested in fashion, I would imagine this comes across as ludicrous. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, releasing this sparten clothing line after the dearth of album art for Yeezus pretty clearly emphasizes Kanye is on a less-is-more mission. Only question we have, are you supposed to add graffiti to these too?

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