7 Seconds – “My Aim Is You”

Reno-via-Sacramento quartet 7 Seconds are one of hardcore’s genuinely classic and enduring acts. Alongside Minor Threat and Youth Of Today, they helped to define straight edge; alongside Bad Religion and Descendents, they helped to define California hardcore-punk. The band’s lineup (and sound, to some extent) has changed significantly over their three-plus decades, but unlike other punk bands from the region, they’ve retained their identity thanks to the constant participation of two core members, brothers Kevin Seconds and Steve Youth (né Marvelli). It’s been eight years since 7 Seconds’ last release, 2005’s Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over!, but they’re back this fall with a two-song 7″ to be followed (at some point) by a new LP. We’ve got the vinyl’s A-side, “My Aim Is You,” spinning now, though. Check it out.

“My Aim Is You” b/w “Slogan On A Shirt” is out 10/1 via Rise Records; pre-order here.

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