Kanye Faces Felony Charges After Attacking Paparazzi At LAX

Despite how fantastic Yeezus is, it’s tough to forget just how much of a magnet Kanye West can be for bad press, and there have been two doozies in nearly 24 hours. The more severe news you may have caught online late last night. After previously warning paparazzi not to speak to him last week, West allegedly assaulted a photographer coming out of LAX yesterday. The video from the photographer’s camera (which you can watch below) doesn’t exactly show what happened, but it’s clear that there was some form of altercation. And since Kanye grabbed the photog’s camera, it’s being treated as a felony attempted robbery.

Earlier this week also came an unconfirmed recording of West the night of the infamous Taylor Swift incident, trying to justify his actions to some people while at dinner. If you were holding out for some noble justification possibly reminiscent of this Sandra Bullock movie I’m sorry to disappoint, as the apparent justification is convoluted at best and manically narcissistic at worst (even by Kanye standards). So far Kanye’s only response to all of this is a tweet stating the second verse of “New Slaves” is the greatest verse in all of hip-hop.

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