Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

You know it’s a slow news week when one of our most discussed articles is about typography. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, since you guys are so design-minded. Remember the Stereogum comments meme “As a graphic designer…” from like 7 years ago? I guess not, because nobody referenced it! Speaking of nostalgia, this week we celebrated 20 years of Siamese Dream, we picked the 10 best Shins songs, and ranked Springsteen’s discography. And of course there was more beef: LDR Vs. Gaga, Kanye Vs. Paparazzi, Foxygen Vs. Foxygen, Nick Offerman’s penis.

#10 smokeallyouwantandseetheplanets | Jul 25th Score:14

This beef would feel more two-sided if it wasn’t for the fact that one side is a universally adored, generation-capturing genius storyteller with a one of a kind voice and the other side is widely known as the scum of the earth.

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#9 t.rex | Jul 25th Score:14

you were looking at ANOTHER MUSIC WEBSITE??

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#8 crania americana | Jul 24th Score:16

Lana clearly didn’t hear that there’s nothing cool about name-dropping Brooklyn anymore. Unless you’re talking about pre-1898 Brooklyn, which was way legit.

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#7 KiDCHAIR | Jul 24th Score:16

This is so glorious. I’m a designer by trade myself, but my type nerdry doesn’t even compare to this. Sufjan is a hero.

Since he’s at it, there are sooooo many other choices to tear asunder. My guess is he respects Savages enough that this “typographical blunder” hits too close to home. I’d love to see Suf go to town on many other album covers.

Maybe instead of the states thing, he should do a few albums about typography.

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#6 drgonzo | Jul 25th Score:16

Lana Del Rey was at the first Can show, in Cologne
Lana Del Rey was there in 1974 at the first Suicide practices at a loft in New York City
Lana Del Rey was there when Captain Beefheart started up his first band
She told him “don’t do it that way, you’ll never make a dime”
Lana Del Rey was the first girl playing Daft Punk to the rock kids.
She played it at CBGB’s
Everyone thought she was crazy
We all know
She was there

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#5 whatisabadger | Jul 19th Score:16

…and now I’m spending all morning replacing ‘bitch’ with ‘fish’ in various song lyrics #youthehottestfishinthisplace

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#4 broken social sneeze | Jul 20th Score:16

i mean don’t call yourself a god and then act mad when people wana get a pic of that shit

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#3 seanpen15 | Jul 25th Score:18

I could not possibly argue with New Slang as #1.

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Sam Nabors | Jul 20th Score:19

A few things:

1. Pretty ridiculous this is being charged as a felony robbery case
2. The part where Kanye estimated how much money he was going to lose was CLASSIC
3. Its really ironic in the video how the guy doesn’t want to be photographed after Kanye “attacks” him.
4. I don’t feel sorry for the paparazzi at all.

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#1 HartfordTheWhale | Jul 24th Score:29


Seriously, I know this (allegedly) wasn’t made for public listening – though you could argue that this is just another marketing tactic – but it really sounds like she’s being petty and jealous that she’s not as famous as Gaga, who she probably knew OF but didn’t actually know. I can’t stand this entitled wreck – her entire image seems manufactured and privileged. Also, apparently Brooklyn, specifically punk rock in Brooklyn, was her “scene.” SURE IT WAS.

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Scott Ryan | Jul 24th Score:-6

We did a podcast at The Red Room podcast about her amazing CD

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Cassie Van Gelder | Jul 24th Score:-7

TL;DR: Sufjan has a lot of time on his hands. And while we’re at it, he needs an editor to cut the self-indulgent fluff out of his albums.

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Unkle Luc | Jul 22nd Score:-8

the wild is all over this

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Davey Pants | Jul 24th Score:-9

LDR clearly is on her way UP, Gaga is on the slow path DOWNward…is all I know, plus…who are we kidding, ONE of these girls is hotter than a mofo, the other is scary as a mofo…and last i checked i am a human being-so theres that.

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Anthony Mramor | Jul 24th Score:-11

I think the “accompanying” singer is Fiona Apple from a side view

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raptor jesus | Jul 24th Score:2

OK SO I went to the record store before work to get Fuck Buttons & Weekend on vinyl. Fuck Buttons was back-ordered but the clerk said they did have Weekend. I’m glad he found it for me because the record cover going around on the Internet is NOT the same as what I found:

WTF?! That’s a heavy ass album cover! Even for someone named raptor jesus.

So I don’t have a record player in my car, so I’ve STILL yet to listen to it. Needless to say I’m at a fever pitch to get home and hear it. Based on the above comments and the record store guy’s high praise of the album, combined with my LOVE of “Sports”, I’m getting a REALLY good feeling about this record. I’ll come back and update my first listen later.

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