Sean Hannity Blasts Ryan Adams On-Air Following Twitter Spat

Ryan Adams can be a little feisty on Twitter — we’ve seen it ourselves — and yesterday he @’d Sean Hannity in response to a tweet the Fox News correspondent made about role models:

Hannity invited the singer to make a statement on his eponymous program and when Adams declined, a tiny spat began, Adams saying if he, “wanted to be yelled at I would go see a Youth of Today reunion show” and that he doesn’t “negotiate with terrorists.” Due to these quips, Hannity dedicated a bit of last night’s show to dissect Adams’ “Liberal Twitter Tirade,” calling him a coward and demanding he, “say it to [his] face.”

In the segment about his tiny kerfuffle with the singer, Hannity suggests that because Adams’ music is so unpopular, they could play it for people who are being tortured. He then opens up the show to a panel discussion with Miss Oklahoma Anna-Marie Costello, who decries that because of social media “40 is the new 15″ and Hannity contributor Tarama Holder, who uses her time to talk about Hannity’s initial tweet and says we shouldn’t hold up athletes and rock stars as role models. She is also wearing a Jay Z t-shirt. On a Fox News show. Just let that sink in for a second.

In a different world, Adams would have accepted Hannity’s invitation to come on the show and given him the full Cam’ron-Dame Dash-on-The O’Reilly Factor treatment, but the befuddling roundtable where no one seems to be on the same page is also something else.

(via Mediaite)