Guns N’ Roses – “Going Down”

I might be the only music writer in America (besides Chuck Klosterman) who will actually admit to liking Guns N’ Roses’ 2008 album, Chinese Democracy. I’m not saying it’s a lost classic or anything, but there are some really good songs buried in that grotesque narrative and dated overproduction. Anyway, GNR have mostly laid low since Chinese Democracy — aside from the odd live appearance — but a new (or, at least, previously unheard) song from the band has just made its way to the interwebs. “Going Down” features bassist Tommy Stinson on lead vocals, with Axl background-screeching some six octaves up. The song has a loose, rock-y feel, much closer to vintage GNR than the hyper-compressed industrial nu-metal of Chinese Democracy. It feels like a Lies outtake more than anything, really. The song’s provenance as well as its fate are wholly unknown; it could be a scrapped Chinese Democracy demo or it could be an early version of a new song or anything in between, really. Either way, it sounds good. I guess I like pretty much everything Axl releases, and I like this, too. Listen for yourself.

[Audio has been removed.]

[Via Metal Insider]