Pity Sex – “Wind Up” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

The last song on Lilys’ wonderful 1992 debut album, In The Presence Of Nothing, is called “Claire Hates Me“; it’s an odd and incongruous way to close an LP full of lazy, gauzy shoegaze: It’s buoyant and buzzy, full of fat, flying guitars, cowbells and handclaps, and insane hooks that stick like donut glaze. It’s a small song that sounds like nothing else on that album or in Lilys’ entire catalog. And in a weird way, it’s one of my favorite songs of the ’90s. When I first heard Pity Sex’s delicious, utterly great “Wind Up” — way back in May — I was shot through with the same endorphin spikes and pleasure-center swells produced in my brain (even now) by “Claire Hates Me.” That may seem like an awfully random reference but I assure you it’s meant as the highest of praise. “Wind Up” opens Pity Sex’s debut LP, Feast Of Love, and everything else on the record is similarly appealing, although my love for “Wind Up” is so fierce that it can’t help but overshadow (for me, anyway) everything that follows. Anyway, Pity Sex has released a video for “Wind Up,” which documents — I assume? — a typical Friday night in the band’s home of Ann Arbor, MI. It’s a pretty no-frills clip, which is a good choice by director Alex Henery: Let the song rule. It’s gonna do that anyway. Watch.

Feast Of Love is out now via Run For Cover.

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