New Travis Video – “Something Anything”

Since the last time we saw from Travis (palling around with Demetri Martin), they have become the indiest of rockers, severing ties with the Independiente label and starting one of their very own, Red Telephone Box. Looks like that was an inspiring decision: while it took four years for Fran’s guys to follow up 12 Memories (with last year’s The Boy Who Had No Name), Travis knocked out a follow-up in a two week session and are set to put it out this year. It’s called Ode To J. Smith, so named after a song on the forthcoming record, “J. Smith.” Must be a good song. Ode’s first single, “Something Anything,” makes good on the press sheet claim that this will be the band’s “loudest, edgiest” album since Good Feeling. It also makes good on your need for raw, scratchy Brit rock and 10 ft. tall guitar soloists.

“Something Anything” is making its way out as a 7″ on 9/15 via Red Telephone Box. It’ll include a few previously unreleased cuts and, by way of further sonic cluing, a cover of the Kink’s “Lola.” Read Fran’s blog entry on the new album here. Ode To J. Smith is due out 9/29.

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