Fiona Apple Curses Audience, Storms Offstage At Louis Vuitton Event

Last night, Fiona Apple performed at a Louis Vuitton event in Tokyo but left the stage quickly after becoming frustrated with the attendees. The event celebrated a new exhibition at the city’s Tokyo Station Hotel (which is also where the performance took place) called Timeless Muses that honors women like Sofia Coppola, Kate Moss, and Catherine Deneuve, among others. The chatty crowd irritated Apple and it inspired her to interrupt her own set by climbing atop the grand piano she was performing at and ask them for some quiet, going so far as to dare them to be silent for as long as the noise from a bell she rung. When the audience’s noise persisted, she demanded that they “shut the fuck up” as she continued her set. Again, her request was not met and she continued to ream the audience, screaming, “Predictable! Predictable fashion, what the fuck?” before storming off stage. Reps from Louis Vuitton have declined to comment.

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