Is Bananas

While ‘Gum readers ponder the merits of Conor Oberst’s Leno curveball, a raging debate about Harajuku Girls continues on this six-month-old thread. I haven’t listened to L.A.M.B. in a while, but “Hollaback Girl” still has that irresistible Toni Basil appeal. Even P-Fork adores it.

Anyway, the reason for this post: My guilty pleasure just got a little less guilty. Zach cut a brilliant boot of Gwen’s gem with Cameo’s ’86 funk storm “Word Up!”

We’ve heard Gwen mashed with Gorillaz, Will Smith, Queen … but this just kills it. Infectious. strike>Rightclick you! (MP3 link removed)

DJ Zax – “Hollaback Girl (Word Up Radio Edit)” (Gwen Stefani VS Cameo)

Did you read Gwen’s interview in Russian GQ? Shit is ??????.

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