New Oneida: The Wedding

Brooklyn stoners have delivered this year’s most compelling neo-psych record. The Wedding never bores. On their eight release in as many years, multi-instrumentalists Fat Bobby, Kid Millions, and Hanoi Jane toy with comedic Casio-pop (“High Life”), drone rock (“Spirits,” “Know”), ’70s metal (“Did I Die”), hippy balladry (the Weeny closer “August Morning Haze”), and a sad carinval waltz (“Know”). Wedding’s an ambitious trip, but comes off as effortless. Oneida milk the Zeppelin/Floyd vibe but avoid shtick by switching gears every three minutes. It’s ultra proggy (in vogue these days, amazingly). They rhyme about nature. Rainbows and butterflies.

Standout track “The Eiger” (wiki) is a breathless love letter set to piercing violins. Fireworks Ensemble’s Brian Coughlin conducted the orchestra, apparently with instructions to channel the Left Banke.

“Bobby and I were driving to Connecticut and listening to the Left Banke. I thought, Wow, it would be cool to do a record like this someday.”
– Kid Millions in Time Out New York 5/5

“Well, we just thought, ‘What would the Left Banke have sounded like if they were a machine?’ I’m not sure we found out, but we made an interesting record.”
– Kid Millions in’s blurb.

The Left Banke – “Walk Away Renee” (MP3 link removed)
Oneida – “The Eiger” (MP3 link removed)

The Wedding is in stores now.