Julia Holter – “This Is A True Heart” Video

Julia Holter – “This Is A True Heart” Video

After the theatrical “In The Green Wild” music video, Julia Holter has now released a very different sort of video for “This Is A True Heart.” Here Holter stars as a spy of some sort, doing a job involving a dead body, leaked information, and a very important flash drive. The entire Eugene Kotlyarenko directed video is purposely vague and played by the actors with the utmost noir-seriousness, which ends up being pretty funny. It just sends itself up more and more until a moment involving a saxophone player that is to ridiculous to ruin here. The reason why this all works though is because Kotlyarenko crafts the video exquisitely, every shot, light, and cut is perfect. It becomes something that makes you laugh while you marvel at it. Watch it below.

Loud City Song is out now on Domino.

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