Guided By Voices, Robert Pollard, Circus Devils Prep New LPs

Guided By Voices, Robert Pollard, Circus Devils Prep New LPs

Robert Pollard completists, prepare to update your spreadsheets and add a new display case to your “Uncle Bob” room. In keeping with his prolific rep, the Guided By Voices frontman will (flying) kick out six new releases under his various guises between now and February, culminating in a new GBV album early next year.

Deep breath… OK! First comes a 7-inch under Pollard’s own name called “Tonight’s The Rodeo” on 10/15 via GBV Inc. Then, on 10/29, Happy Jack Rock Records will release a pair of full-lengths from Circus Devils, Pollard’s experimental project with brothers Todd and Tim Tobias; those are called When Machines Attack and My Mind Has Seen The White Trick, and both will be available on vinyl and CD. Another Pollard 7-inch called “Return Of The Drums” arrives 11/26 on GBV Inc., followed by a Pollard CD/LP called Blazing Gentlemen coming 12/10 through Fire Records and GBV Inc. Then, in late February, the next Guided By Voices CD/LP Motivational Jumpsuit arrives via Fire and GBV Inc.

That’s a lot of music even by Pollard’s standards, and you can hear some of it below. Those itching for the GBV live experience can travel to Denver this weekend for Riot Fest.

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