The Dodos – “Confidence” Video

The Nate Chan directed video for “Confidence,” a track off the Dodos’ new album, starts out seeming kind of funny. I mean, there’s a guy in a bathrobe and underwear running down the street — that is guaranteed to be funny, right? Yet, for all its strangeness this is actually a pretty thoughtful and sad video in between some the little touches of goofiness. A man wakes up with a pair of black eyes to see an ominous text from a friend about the night before and, after stumbling over some empty beer cans, eventually turns on the news. We never really know what he sees on there, but it’s enough to bring a cop to his door (looking for a missing person…) and to make him run for his life. There’s more going on here under the surface. Watch it below.

Carrier is out now on Polyvinyl Records.