Watch Madonna Cover Elliott Smith’s “Between The Bars”

Here’s an interesting new mutation for Elliott Smith’s cultural legacy. Madonna and fashion photographer Steven Klein have this new 17-minute short film with called SecretProjectRevolution, which apparently functions as some sort of protest against the prison industrial complex. Last night, there was a launch party for the event at Gagosian Gallery in New York, and Madonna took the opportunity for a bit of a performance-art protest stunt. Fake prison guards dragged her into the room, where she sang a spare piano-based cover of Smith’s “Between The Bars” — a song that’s not about prisons. The whole thing seems to be way more about Madonna being great than about the prison system being fucked up, but at least the cover sounded good. Someone filmed it, of course, and you can watch it below.

(via Pitchfork)

You’ll find more about SecretProjectRevolution here.