Anna Calvi – “Suddenly”

Two years after her debut, self-titled album, British songwriter Anna Calvi has announced that her second album, One Breath, will be released this October. So far the only songs available have been “Sing To Me” and “Eliza,” the first music video from the new album. Calvi released another track from One Breath, the bluesy wailer “Suddenly.” Although Calvi sticks with her usual slow, steady tempo, “Suddenly” has more spark than the other new singles. The last minute alone is overwhelming — Calvi barely whispers her final verse, “ashes to ashes, it leaves me with nothing,” until suddenly she unleashes a howl, and the drums come pounding in as the background vocals support her with resounding “ah ahs.” “Suddenly” is yet another track that shows off Calvi’s beautiful, yet powerful voice. Check it out below.

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