The Flaming Lips Prep Peace Sword EP Inspired By Ender’s Game

The Flaming Lips Prep Peace Sword EP Inspired By Ender’s Game

The other day we learned the Flaming Lips and Tame Impala will cover each other on a new EP. Now we’ve got details on a second EP coming from the band. Wayne Coyne spoke in the past about how the Flaming Lips were writing a song for the film Ender’s Game based off the extremely popular novel by Orson Scott Card; not only is that happening, the band is putting out an entire Dave Fridmann-produced vinyl EP of songs based on the movie’s theme. It’s called Peace Sword and comes out on Black Friday/Record Store Day. No actual music has come out yet, but we do know that that’s the album art above and that it will include songs with the appropriately Lips-y titles, “Think Like A Machine, Not A Boy,” “Wolf Children,” and “Assassin Beetle/The Dream Is Ending.” Coyne has also commented on Card’s controversial statements condemning same-sex marriage. Via his new Instagram:

Our involvement is only with the music directors of the movie…but yeah …these are conflicts all big projects have to deal with. We try to do cool things with cool people that, obviously benefit us and the cool people we doing stuff with…occasionally these benefits extend to abstractly connected people who are NOT so cool.. So we try to choose ..

Peace Sword is out 11/29 via Warner Brothers. Ender’s Game is out 11/1.

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