Sex Sells Lemonade

On last night’s premiere of The Apprentice, Trump gave the men’s team (VersaCorp) and the women’s team (Protégé Corp.) — yes, they chose their own team names — $250 to start a lemonade stand on the streets of Manhattan. The ladies doled out kisses (and their phone numbers) to prospective customers, and were actually getting $5 per cup. Over at Versacorp, team psycho Sam Solovey was getting frustrated with the guys’ lackluster profits and embarked on a crazy scheme to sell one cup for $1,000. It didn’t work. So today we anoint Sam Solovey the breakout reality TV star of 2004. “They’re all going to be working for me when this is over,” says Sam. Who’s got dirt on this guy? Send it my way. And if you’re looking for more salacious Apprentice gossip, head to Gawker, where the Ombudsman is claiming Kristi Frank used to be a porn star.