Lindsay Lohan 2007

Lohan ’07 visited her former self during the opening monologue of a delightfully racist SNL season finale.

“Get some sleep … drink some water … unless you want this to be your future.”

Coldplay played “Speed Of Sound” (as heard in the latest iTunes commercial) and “Fix You.” Sick of them yet? X&Y streams on this week 5/31. The band’s VH1 Storytellers gig airs 6/8 (sneak preview of “Clocks” here). They hit MSG 9/6 and 9/7. For those playing along at home … “Fix You” is VERSE: Eb Ebmaj7 Cm Bb, CHORUS: Ab Gb.

And here’s some of that new White Stripes. On this cut Jack channels Adam Levine and everyone’s the better for it.

The White Stripes – “My Doorbell” (MP3 link removed)

UPDATE: Coldplay SNL audio (via Brooklyn Vegan).