Billy Corgan Hates Zwan, Etc…

From Entertainment Weekly’s interview with superblogger and Pumpkins/Zwan cueball Billy Corgan…

EW: Which of your two bands is more likely to reunite?
CORGAN: Pumpkins. You’ll never see Zwan. I’ll never go anywhere near those people. Ever. I mean, I detest them. You can put that in capital letters. Bad people. James and D’Arcy are good people. They might be misguided people, but they’re good people.

Corgan goes on to admit he hasn’t seen D’Arcy in six years or James in four (he obviously doesn’t hang out at Rothko), and recommends we don’t hold our breath for a reunion.

Corgan’s solo thing The Future Embrace is out 6/21. Robert Smith makes an appearance on a Bee Gees cover, so that could be cool. Or not. I do like Billy on the Jimmy Chamberlin song Daily Refill posted a few weeks ago.

Ex-Zwanman, current Superwolfer Matt Sweeney declined to comment for the EW article, but he did talk to NY Times about jailed hipster Simon Curtis.