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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The rest of the video is pretty shitty, so I didn’t list it here, but the scene from the “Work Bitch” video where three sharks circle around Britney Spears in a perfect little piece of CGI synchronization probably made me happier than any other music-video moment this week. That’s what you’re up against, indie rock video directors! Sharks circling Britney Spears! I know these things seem like they belong to a different universe, but we all watch these things on the same phones and laptops. And if you can’t come up with an image as goofy and compelling as that one, you should at least try.

5. Ryan Hemsworth – “Against A Wall” (Feat. Lofty305) (Dir. Paul Labonté)

A weirdly touching piece of absolute human worship. Someone really, really loves this girl, and that is a nice thing.

4. The So So Glos – “Wrecking Ball” (Dir. Brendhan Bowers)

Goofy student-film sketch-comedy stuff, but done with swagger and verve and a sense of place. I get the sense that all these people like each other and that they had fun making this video. That’s not always infectious, but this time it is. (And yes, it helps if you really like the song.)

3. Migos – “Versace” (Dir. Gabriel Hart)

We don’t get to see this sort of grand, ridiculous rap-video ostentatiousness much anymore, but it’s a delight to see that someone is still keeping the baby-leopard trainers in business.

2. Pusha T – “King Push” (Dir. Nathaniel Brown)

Maybe Joaquin Phoenix didn’t actually produce the song. But at least he’d understand the intensity that Pusha brings to this whirl of menacing close-ups. The man has ridiculous levels of on-camera presence, and that’s why he’s the first artist in the two years I’ve been doing this column to hold down the two top spots in a single week. (That and the fact that he made two videos in a week and they’re both good.)

1. Pusha T – “Nosetalgia” (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) (Dir. ?)

Rap music is the best.