Britney Spears – “Work Bitch (Azealia Banks Remix)”

As we’ve discussed here before with regard to Azealia Banks’s beat-borrowing, this is absolutely common ground rap business. It’s why this year eight million rappers made their own version of Migos’ “Versace.” But we all already know that Banks is playing a different ballgame than most other rhyme-slingers and that includes who she pilfers backing tracks from. With her connects to the vogue scene, Britney Spears’ pseudo-comeback track “Work Bitch” is a natural fit and here she sews in her mouthful-raps to the cut with aplomb. It is essentially a mission statement of what she is planning to deliver, but at this point, an album over anything would probably be the best way for Banks to prove her worth. Check out her Britney remix below.

Britney Spears should deliver a new album soon and I have more faith in it receiving a release date than Banks’s Broke With Expensive Taste.