Androgynous Mind – “Knock On My Door”

Androgynous Mind is Patrick Flegel, the former guitarist and singer of Calgary band Women, joined by Morgan Cook. Women were a band that had built their sound towards something truly great shortly before breaking up in 2010 and any chances of a reconciliation were mostly squashed by guitarist and sampler Chris Reimer’s death. They are a dearly loved band by fans (their swan song Public Strain is still one of my favorite albums of the last four years) but hearing the opening chiming guitar breeze and sighed vocals of Flegel on “Knock On My Door” makes the long wait worth it. It’s the first track we’ve heard off Androgynous Mind’s upcoming debut, the Nightstalker EP. The track creeps along on its eerie, gorgeous melodies, sounding like something the Everly Brothers might write to soundtrack a slasher movie. Listen and download it below.

Androgynous Minds – “Knock On My Door”

The Nightstalker EP is out 12/0 on Faux Discx.