Obligatory Death Cab Update

Indie-yuppie poster boys Death Cab For Cutie release their major-label debut Plans in September. Fans from the Something About Airplanes days never predicted this much notoriety for the band. Will they stick around even after Transatlanticism’s high-profile cameos on The O.C. and Six Feet Under?

A few weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly visited DCFC in the studio while producer/guitarist Chris Walla gave Plans a final polish. Lead Cutie Ben Gibbard acknowledged the mounting pressure.

BEN GIBBARD: We’re in the insanity phase. It’s an intense period of self-doubt. Time will tell whether this thing is a good thing or not. I hope it is. But if not, hey, we’re on the same label as Led Zeppelin!

An incomplete, out-of-order tracklisting for Plans:

“Broken Yoke In Western Sky”
“Brothers On A Hotel Bed”
“I Will Follow You Into The Dark”
“Marching Bands Of Manhattan”
“Someday You Will Be Loved”
“Soul Meets Body”
“Talking Like Turnstiles”
“Your Heart Is An Empty Room”
“Walking The Ghost”

Not positive about “Broken Yoke,” but Ben did perform it at a tsunami benefit in Seattle earlier this year, so here’s a potential preview:

Ben Gibbard – “Broken Yoke In Western Sky (Live 1-14-05)” (MP3)