New Oasis Video – “The Shock Of The Lightning”

As far as strategies for sustained relevance go, Noel Gallagher’s chronic case of verbal diarrhea is cheap and obvious. But occasionally the shit talking stench is so bad, (we try but) we can’t help but talk about it. This other strategy, the one that involves the releasing of the new music or whatever, feels practically novel in their hands. And you know what, it’s actually going pretty OK for them right now. To recap: “Falling Down” was different sounding and cool, and “The Shock Of The Lightning” is the shock of the nobody in its Oasis-y Oasisness. However the more we hear the latter, the more its Oasisosity has become palatable. Good, even. It’s a good Oasis song. And the video is a good Oasis video. We sorta see the band performing, through screensaver and Hot Rocks effects, while superimposed flowers bloom and human history marches and images of love’s magical mystery pop and shake and trip you out.

(Thank you much, Bill D. for the tip.)

Tags: Oasis