New Ra Ra Riot Live Video – “Too Too Too Fast”

Syracuse’s Barsuk signees Ra Ra Riot recently swarmed their hometown in hopes to find a nice attic to film some songs. Apparently their personal attics weren’t big enough, because the troupe, along with directors Taryn Gould and Emily Kowalcyzk, went door to door, knocking and asking, looking for a space that could house a band with their sprawl, finally convincing “a summer student that digs music” to let them set up shop and set some stuff to tape. Watching them fall over themselves to the giddy synth pop of “Too Too Too Fast” reminds me of live sets from similarly sized contemporaries and collectives like Le Loup and Los Campesinos!, except here we get to see it in multi-camera angles. And for free.

If you’re in NYC tonight and want to see them do the live thing for free again, you can catch the band at their in store at the Virgin in Union Square at 7PM. If not, there are some more chances. These will cost you:

08/22 – Baltimore, MD @ Soundgarden
08/25 – Paris, France @ Casino De Paris
08/26 – London, UK @ Madame Jojo’s
08/27 – London, UK @ Water Rats Theatre

Portable Riot:

Ra Ra Riot – “Dying Is Fine” (MP3)

The Rhumb Line is out via Barsuk.

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