Joanna Gruesome – “Tugboat” (Galaxie 500 Cover)

Joanna Gruesome – “Tugboat” (Galaxie 500 Cover)

Joanna Gruesome are pretty brave to cover “Tugboat” by Galaxie 500, one of the dearest songs by a band that has generated intensely passionate fans since the late ’80s. In fact, at this point it’s about as ballsy as when Galaxie 500 (a young band then) decided to cover George Harrison at the end of their now-classic On Fire. This young band steps up in a big way, though, and their cover of “Tugboat” is a stunner. They keep it pretty quiet at first, but at just the right moment comes Alanna McArdle’s scream and the band just explodes into a sludgy finale. It’s only a B-side, but this stands up next to anything on the band’s debut record. Listen below.

Weird Sister is out now via Slumberland.

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