New YACHT Video – “Summer Song”

There’s been a few developments in the world of YACHT since last we checked in. For one: YACHT is now a full-time duo, with the addition of one Claire L. Evans (to see the pair in action, watch them answer our lame Texas Trivia questions). For another: A few months ago YACHT recorded “Summer Song,” an aural love letter to tourmates LCD Soundsystem. James Murphy was so touched by the track’s appropriation of the DFA-banger vibe, his label decided not only to put out the single as part of a four-track EP, but to sign team YACHT for their next album release. That is one powerful song, and so here it gets powerful visual accompaniment. It is filmed by Portland director Judah Switzer, and it captures the making of the worst music video ever. But in a good way.

“Summer Song” is being released by DFA as part of the Summer Song four-track EP. Along with the title track, the EP includes two songs from YACHT’s forthcoming record, and a remix because YACHT loves remixes. Tracklist:

a1 “Summer Song”
a2 “I’m In Love With A Ripper (Party Mix)”
b1 “It’s Boring/You Can Live Anywhere You Want”
b2 “So Past All ‘em (Saliva In The Club Remix)*
* digital release bonus track

It’s up at iTunes. YACHT’s DFA debut is titled See Mystery Lights and has a tentative early ’09 release date.