Donna Summer – “Love To Love You Baby (Giorgio Moroder Remix)” Video

Love To Love You Baby,” the swirling and endless 1975 sex-disco classic, is one of the most iconic songs that Donna Summer made with producer Giorgio Moroder. Moroder and his recent protege Chris Cox recently remixed the track for the new remix compilation Love To Love You Donna, cranking up the dynaimcs so it’s more in line with present-day dancefloors but keeping its metronomic mystery intact. I happened to be there in Sweden when Moroder DJed the remix for the first time, and he introduced it by telling the story about how he made the track in the first place: “I was always really into sex…” Now, the remix has a video with girls pouring paint all over themselves. Enjoy!

Love To Love You Donna is out now on Verve.