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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

This was probably the slowest week of the year in terms of people putting out music videos, what with Christmas arriving dead in the middle and nobody needing to fill up office dead-time by staring at YouTube. And yet there were still some good videos this week, and I managed to cobble together a list of five extremely watchable ones without even leaning on the crutch of whatever videos Beyoncé decided to make public this week. (If you still haven’t bought the album, though, the “Yoncé” video is out there now, and that one rules.) Check out this week’s list below.

5. Disclosure – “Voices” (Dir. WIZ)

Somewhere along the line, someone’s “Harlem Shake” video went a bit awry. (A note to music-video directors: As entertaining as it can be, this wild-African-witch-doctor thing you guys have been doing lately comes off as a bit racist more often than not. Maybe stay away next time.)

4. Kendrick Lamar – “Sing About Me” (Dir. Darren Romanelli)

I’m not in love with the painting, but Kendrick’s face is the best face.

3. jj – “My Boyz” (Dir. Mattias Erik Johansson)

An absolutely gorgeous jumble of disconnected imagery, the way only Scandinavians seem to be able to do it. It’s nice to see the evil-mime makeup from Beyoncé’s “Haunted” video get more of a starring role.

2. Run The Jewels – “A Christmas Fucking Miracle” (Dir. Joey Garfield)

Your regular reminder that Killer Mike and El-P are having more fun than anyone else in rap.

1. Sky Ferreira & Ariel Pink – “My Molly” (Dir. Grant Singer)

Slop-grunge thrift-shop glamor lives on, surviving even Macklemore. Indie rock needs its own Run The Jewels, and these two should maybe consider applying for the job.