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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Dance producers were getting it done this week. There were so many great dance (or dance-influenced pop) videos this week that I wish MTV would reboot Amp so that stoned college kids could come home after parties and zone out while discovering them, the way some of us might’ve done once upon a time. I had to cut a few of them like Sam Smith’s “Money On My Mind” and Dornik’s “Rebound,” but dance-type tracks still take up four of the five spots on this list. Good job, guys! All of them lose out, though, to a sweeping and heartrending history lesson from a singer who’s no stranger to dance music himself. Check out this week’s list below.

5. Diplo – “Revolution” (Dir. Phil Pinto)

Nothing has anything to do with anything else, but the dizzy, goofy energy alone makes this one hell of a fun watch — which is to say, it’s a lot like a Diplo DJ set.

4. Javeon – “Give Up” (Dir. Ben Strebel)

Shout out to tiny acts of kindness between coworkers at terrible, terrible jobs. As a former employee of a university dining hall, this one spoke to me.

3. Trentemøller – “Gravity” (Feat. Jana Hunter) (Dir. Tue Walin Storm & Elvira Lind)

Most of us could probably not make a decent living at this little scheme, but then most of us do not radiate rakish charm the way Oscaar Isaac does here. I love that one lady’s giddiness.

2. Disclosure – “Grab Her!” (NSFW-ish) (Dir. Emile Sornin)

It’s time the world finally saw what kind of boss Scott Lapatine really is.

1. John Grant – “Glacier” (Dir. ?)

Something more than a simple clip show: A grand historical narrative, told with grace and empathy but also with a certain much-needed pointnedness. When was the last time a music video got you all choked up?