Death Grips Share Instrumental And Vocal Tracks From Their Last Two Albums

Death Grips had an insane year in 2013 (which you can read about in our Year In Death Grips feature), one that gave the impression they’d finally worked through a lot of their problems with label, culminating in the powerful new release and Mixtape Of The Week, Government Plates. Looks like 2014 is continuing to build on that strong momentum — the trio shared all of the stems for both that new album and NO LOVE DEEP WEB. With these building blocks released to the public, you can expect a ton of remixes popping up in the next few months, which might tide you over while the band works on their new album. So Death Grips fans, feel free to grab the official stems for Government Plates here and for NO LOVE DEEP WEB here, and as always, stay noided.

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