Kelly Clarkson Smells

Or at least she used to. From the new Jane (via Eliza Jane):

“When I was growing up, my mom was very busy, always at work, and I never got the girly talks. So you know the commercials for women’s products that are like, ‘To be fresh down there’? I thought deodorant was the same thing, something people used like…” She pantomimes her hand around her neck and then her crotch. “Like it’s only if you’re not fresh! So I never wore any. It was my seventh-grade year, I was in athletics, and my friends always called me Smelly Kelly. I thought it was just ’cause it rhymed, but it wasn’t. It was literally ’cause I smelled. Finally one of my friends said to me, ‘Dude, do you know about deodorant?’ And I was like, ‘What?’ Then I yelled at my mother. How do you not tell your daugher that she needs deodorant? How do you not do that?”

Sometimes being Miss Independent backfires. If anyone sees Smelly Kelly during this week’s heat wave, pass on the deodorant reminder from Stereogum. It’s OK, she doesn’t know what a blog is. Here’s seventh-grade Kelly so you have the proper visual…

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