Xiu Xiu’s “Black Dick” Video Premieres On PornHub

Xiu Xiu’s “Black Dick” Video Premieres On PornHub

Last week Xiu Xiu released their grisly, violent video for the Angel Guts: Red Classroom single “Stupid In The Dark,” and it ended up being our favorite video of the week. Now they have another one that needs some context before watching. Xiu Xiu just premiered their new video for the percussive, droning “Black Dick” on PornHub, and to call it NSFW is an extreme understatement. It splices together various hardcore sex clips, occasionally cutting to dogs or a few kittens. It’s a provocative and cool idea, especially if you’re familiar with the band and generally a fan of what they do, just be aware of what you’re getting into if you’re at work. You can head to Xiu Xiu’s safe-for-work site, which then provides a link to the video.

Angel Guts: Red Classroom is out now via Polyvinyl.

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