Spiritualized – “Always Forgetting With You (The Bridge Song)”

One of the more novel releases coming out on Record Store Day (4/19) is the Space Project compilation. As explained when we shared Youth Lagoon’s buzzing “Worms,” the collection features songs that incorporate sounds taken from Voyager space probes. In its most expansive form, the release comes in a box set with several 7-inchs, each dedicated to a different body of the galaxy. Today you can hear “Always Forgetting With You (The Bridge Song)” by Spiritualized (under the name Mississippi Space Program) which makes up the A-side of the one based around Neptune. It’s hard to think of an artist whose music lends itself better to the sounds of space than J. Spaceman, and here he crafts a zero-g love song that embraces these cosmic field recordings with the same ease of his blending of gospel and noise rock. It’s as good as anything on Sweet Heart Sweet Light and a reminder that a follow up to that album would be greatly appreciated.

The Space Project is out on Record Store Day, 4/19, via Lefse Records.