Watch Wu-Tang Clan’s Previously Unreleased “Y’All Been Warned” Video

Repeat viewings of old Wu-Tang videos are probably not the specific reason the internet was invented, but they’ve been one of my favorite ways to waste time since the advent of YouTube. And now we’ve got another old Wu-Tang video to enjoy. Even better: It’s a new-to-us Wu-Tang video! Somehow, the low-budget clip for “Y’All Been Warned,” a song from the Wu’s generally underrated 2001 group album Iron Flag, never saw release. It’s not a classic-level Wu video or anything, but Method Man’s hyperactive charisma is near peak level, RZA’s turtleneck game is off the charts, and Raekwon is just fun to watch. Check it out below.

We’re almost certainly not getting a new Wu-Tang album this year, but maybe if we all close our eyes and wish really hard…

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