HAIM And Arctic Monkeys Were Jeopardy! Answers The Other Night

As anyone who’s ever sat in front of a television for more than 10 minutes already knows: Jeopardy! is really hard! At least it seems really hard to me when the categories are covering, like, geography or 19th century France or whatever. But then they delve into indie rock-ish-related topics, and I realize: Maybe these questions are not really very hard after all? Maybe I just don’t know anything about geography or 19th century France? (Which: I dont!) Because, look, “Who Is Lana Del Rey?” cannot be the question to a $400 answer in a category called “Music Makers” for your show’s College Championship Quarterfinal. And yet in last night’s Jeopardy!, that’s exactly what went down. It wasn’t just Lana, though: The $600 question was a layup about Arctic Monkeys, and the $1000 question was “Who Is HAIM?” (Answer above plus music cue!) Come on, Trebek! The kid did not even pronounce HAIM correctly! It rhymes with “time,” not “name”! You can’t accept that answer! I mean question! And yet … he did. Truthfully, I don’t have much to show for my education. It’s sad. Watch the ep below; the “Music Makers” category is off the board within the first 8 minutes.

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