Morbus Chron – “The Perennial Link”

Earlier this month, we debuted “It Stretches In The Hollow,” the first song to be released off Swedish death metal band Morbus Chron’s forthcoming sophomore album, Sweven. In the text that accompanied the track, I wrote at some length about the LP and the band “Sweven is indeed progressive, and it is a fucking trip,” I said. “It goes to weird, amazing, uncharted places, and it will take you there, too.” And I closed by saying, “Sweven is one of the best albums of the year.” I stand by everything I wrote in that post, especially that last line. I can’t recommend it highly enough, not that it needs my recommendation — the music makes a plenty convincing argument for itself. Now Morbus Chron has dropped a second song from Sweven in advance of its March 4 release, “The Perennial Link,” and like “Stretches,” it’s probably as good an individual representation as any of the album’s scope, ambition, and majesty. Listen.

Sweven is out 3/4 via Century Media.

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