Brian Reitzell – “Last Summer” (Feat. Kevin Shields)

What happens when a film composer (Brian Reitzell) and a shoegaze pioneer (My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields) work together on a track? You get an eight-and-a-half minute experiment in textures and grooves that involves both a drum machine and a real live drum kit, a few organs, a guitar, a synthesizer or two, and a Mellotron. After about a minute, “Last Summer” weaves its way out of a rhythmless sound tapestry made of synthesized fuzz and into a plodding vibe that invokes washed-out scenes of summertime frolic before devolving into a more frenzied final section. Listen below.

“Last Summer” will be included on Reitzell’s debut album Auto Music, which debuts 6/3 on Smalltown Supersound.