Preview The Latest Kurt Cobain Comic Book

Apparently, the world needed multiple comic-book biographies of Kurt Cobain. The last one, Barnaby Legg and Jim McCarthy’s Kurt Cobain: The Graphic Novel, came out in 2011. Now, Bluewater Productions, a comic book publisher known for quick biographies of people like John Lennon and Jim Morrison, has taken on the Cobain legacy. Jayfri Hashim wrote and illustrated the new Tribute: Kurt Cobain, which, judging by the pages we’ve seen, looks like a Wikipedia page that’s been illustrated by an early-’90s Image Comics B-teamer. Check out a few images below.

Kurt Cobain comic 2

Kurt Cobain graphic novel 3

Kurt Cobain graphic novel 4

The book is out 4/2, and you can pre-order it here.