Landlady – “The Globe”

Landlady – “The Globe”

Brooklyn band Landlady do a lot of different things all at once. Over the six minutes that make up “The Globe,” the first single off their upcoming debut, multi-instrumentalist (as well as Man-Man and Vampire Weekend contributor) Adam Schatz leads his band through quiet canyons before shooting up to massive crashing peaks. It has indie rock, chamber pop, a gospel section, and a killer sax solo before transforming into a lighter-in-the-air singalong. Vocally this thing is just as dynamic, as likely to jump from great big full-band choruses to fragile solo moments. All of this could be a complete mess, but the fact they it moves with such fluidity is remarkable. They’re the newest signees to Hometapes, the same place Matthew E. White hangs his hat, which seems like a good place for them. Catch them this month during their residency at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn where they just played with the likeminded Cloud Becomes Your Hand.

Upright Behavior is out 7/15 via Hometapes.

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