Courtney Love – “You Know My Name”

Courtney Love’s music is about as erratic as her personal life/online persona, but at her best, she’s a truly kickass songwriter and singer. As she mentioned earlier this month, she’s releasing a new double-A-side single, “You Know My Name”/”Wedding Day,” to coincide with her forthcoming UK tour, and the first half of that single is available to hear right now. “You Know My Name” is old-school, no-frills, no-fat punk rock with a huge, knockout hook on the chorus and a perfectly shredded vocal performance that only gets stronger as it gets more ragged. (Frankly, based on this, C-Lo kinda would’ve been the perfect Kurt stand-in at that Rock Hall jamboree.) This, to me, is Courtney at her best — or if not her best, then as close as she’s gonna get 20 years later. Listen.