Siinai – “Shopping Trance”

Siinai are progressive kraut-rockers from Finland, and their new album Supermarket is due out June 17 via Splendour. As you may have surmised from both the album title, and the title of their new track “Shopping Trance,” the project is an attempt to make “a soundtrack for the supermarket nations.”

“Shopping Trance” most certainly fits the bill: an 8-minute churning swath of groove that plods along like one might plod along through aisles of frozen french fries and Frosted Mini Wheats. Also, just like your average trip to the grocery store, it starts out determined and on a mission, mathematical in precision and execution — but eventually gets distracted, slowing after about six-and-a-half minutes when our focused eyes glaze into supermarket eyes, lost in the aisles. Listen.

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