Watch Video Of Slowdive’s First Show In 20 Years

Slowdive announced their reunion way back in January, and last night, they played their first show since making that announcement — not to mention their first show in 20 years. The band played a 13-song set at London’s Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, with songs from 1993’s Souvlaki making up the bulk of the set (although all their releases, including the early EPs, were represented). A fan captured the entire show on video and shared it, and while no one is making The Last Waltz on their iPhone anytime soon, the quality of these clips is good enough to make watching them worthwhile. Despite the constant comparisons, Slowdive were always a lighter, more delicate band than fellow British shoegaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine, and while the reunited MBV put on a live show that makes the new Godzilla remake seem quaint by comparison, Slowdive are focusing intently on the details of the songs here, and for my money, pretty much nailing ‘em. Couple additional notes: 1. Apparently Rachel Goswell hasn’t actually aged since the Souvlaki photo shoot, and 2. They really do gaze at their shoes, huh? Watch.

Here’s the full setlist, via

01. Slowdive ?
02. Avalyn ?
03. Catch the Breeze ?
04. Crazy for You ?
05. Machine Gun ?
06. 40 Days ?
07. Blue Skied An’ Clear
?08. Souvlaki Space Station
?09. When the Sun Hits
?10. Morningrise
?11. She Calls
?12. Golden Hair (Syd BarrettĀ cover)
13. Alison

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