of Montreal (aka Hammer Throw) – “Young Champion” Video

While it’s still kind of early to get a consensus on the nostalgia-porn ’80s-movie parody Ping Pong Summer, one thing is clear: of Montreal, under the more appropriate moniker Hammer Throw, have completely nailed their part in creating the film’s anthem, “Young Champion.” As 13-year-old Rad Miracle (yes … that is seriously the character’s name) fights against bullies to become the best ping-pong player and win the cutest girl in town (potentially through a training montage?!), he has Kevin Barnes shouting things like “Young Champion!/ Your heart is racing with the lions/ But your rival is still dancing on the night’s edge” over totally sweet guitar solos and big stadium-ready drums. The video is made up of grainy shots of Barnes in a ridiculous wig and spliced-together footage from the film which provides a tease of that training montage (with Susan Saradon as the wise guru). And while they’re not going to give away the ending … come on, how can Rad Miracle lose with a song like this on his side? Be warned not to jump in the air while listening because there’s a high risk you’ll freeze as movie credits roll over you. Watch it on Revolt now.