Straight To Video

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

This week’s list walks the line between calm, serene, stately beauty and extreme blood-splooge trash. Both can be awesome! And both are perfectly legit music-video approaches. But this week, we’ve got two of the latter and three of the former. Blood-splooge trash is winning, as it usually does. Check out this week’s list below.

5. Anna Calvi & David Byrne – “Strange Weather” (Dir. Alan Del Rio Ortiz)

New York, man. What a beautiful city. What an amazing backdrop for feeling trascendently bummed. I’ve been there, Anna Calvi. So has anyone who’s ever spent more than a couple of days in New York.

4. Trash Talk – “The Hole” (Dir. Focus Creeps)

When you can’t think of a concept for a music video, here’s an idea: Just throw everything you like into a two-minute clip, edit together into a blur, and do your best to make it look vaguely dangerous. It works!

3. Miguel – “Simple Things” (Dir. Miguel)

Los Angeles, man. What a beautiful city. What an amazing backdrop for feeling blissfully horny. I’ve never actually been to Los Angeles, but popular culture has led me to assume that this is how every Los Angeles resident feels at all times, forever. (Possible exceptions: Donald Sterling, cartel enforcers, babies.) Nice to know that Miguel can always find work directing immaculately composed music videos if this whole world-conquering R&B lothario thing ever stops working out.

2. Kool A.D. – “Word” (NSFW) (Dir. Kool A.D. & Teddy O’Connor)

In which we learn that Kool A.D., as a visual artist and cartoon-video director, shows the same imaginative, free-associative gift for randomness that he’s always displayed as a rapper. Do not watch this one in the company of others.

1. Mac DeMarco – “Passing Out Pieces” (NSFW-ish) (Dir. Pierce McGarry)

Look at this dirty motherfucker.