Avi Buffalo – “So What”

The young Long Beach, California band Avi Buffalo won many of us over with their self-titled debut way back in 2010, but they’ve been more or less silent since then. That ends today. The band has just announced that their sophomore album, which bears the unbelievably depressing title At Best Cuckold, is coming later this year. (Seriously, can you think of a sadder three-word combination in the English language?) Frontman Avi Zahner-Isenberg produced the album, recording it in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. And below, you can hear the jangling first single and opening track “So What” and check out the LP’s tracklist.

01 “So What”
02 “Memories Of You”
03 “Can’t Be Too Responsible”
04 “Two Cherished Understandings”
05 “Overwhelmed With Pride”
06 “Found Blind”
07 “She Is Seventeen”
08 “Think It’s Gonna Happen Again”
09 “Oxygen Tank”
10 “Won’t Be Around No More”

At Best Cuckold is out 9/9 on Sub Pop.

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