Watch Grimes Debut “Go,” Her Song For Rihanna, At Governors Ball

Grimes promised three new songs at Governors Ball — including one she and Blood Diamonds wrote for Rihanna (who passed on it) — and that’s exactly what she delivered. “David,” “Sleepwalking,” and “Go” were the titles of the new tracks. Billboard had this to say about the new stuff:

The new fare was absolutely killer. Beat-heavy and euphoric (one track was introduced by Grimes simply as a “big pop song”) the producer/singer is primed to vastly expand her fanbase (which already includes Jay Z) when the new LP arrives. The set was punctuated by dancing mimes, hula hoops and occasional crowd surfers inside the Gotham Tent to reward those who’d chosen Grimes over a very tempting TV On The Radio set across the grounds.

Grimes and mimes. Check out photos in the gallery above and watch fan footage of “Go” below.

01 “Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U)”
02 “Circumambient”
03 “Oblivion”
04 “David”
05 “Be A Body”
06 “Nightmusic”
07 “Sleepwalking”
08 “Genesis”
09 “Phone Sex” (Blood Diamonds cover)
10 “Go”