Jimmy Page And Leona Lewis Set The Stage For The London Olympics With “Whole Lotta Love”

Olympics are over, guys. Now that everyone stopped running and swimming so fast we’ll probably all go back to remembering how China can be sort of human abuse-y sometimes. But also we will never forget the great stories that came out of Beijing 2008, like how Michael Phelps is possibly a huge douche, and how the entire world got put on notice by the totalitarian delight of those opening ceremonies. I meant to DVR last night’s closing ceremonies just in case it was as great an achievement oh-my-god-they’re-going-to-take-over-the-world-aren’t-they, but I was at McCarren Pool’s last stand with Yo La instead and the timer thing didn’t set properly. Also, Mad Men.

But yay for embeddable video. During Beijing’s blowout there was an eight-minute segment representing the Olympic baton passing on from China to the U.K., where the 2012 Summer Games will take place (in London town). In order to represent their culture to the global community, Great Britain enlisted Leona Lewis to sing on stilts, Jimmy Page to play his Les Paul on a red bus, and David Beckham to kick a ball and look pretty, all while Jimmy and Lewis performed “Whole Lotta Love” (minus the “I wanna be your backdoor man” stuff I wonder why).

This first video just isolates the performance and ball kick:

But if you want the whole Beijing-to-London ceremony, this is the one to watch (complete with British TV commentary).

That guy who caught the ball’s gonna have a pretty great day on eBay today.